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Just for Fun

When Marsha and I lived in Phoenix years ago, we had a wiener dog. With both Marsha and I being CPAs, our dog was named "Equity". For fundraising, Cerebral Palsy in Phoenix was doing an annual race at the greyhound park called the Wiener Nationals (remember the Miller Lite commercials where the dogs are drag racing and a parachute pops out when they cross the finish line?? Link to commercial on Youtube - Hot Dogs Drag Racing).

The Wiener Nationals was a 50 yard sprint for the little wieners. At the starting line, 1 owner puts their dog into the starting gate (this was Marsha). The other owner is at the finish line screaming like an idiot (that was me) to try and get their dog to come to them.

One dog named Pumpkin, was likely trained from birth and bred from long generations of Wiener racers, took off out of the starting gate and easily took first in her heat. Equity came out quickly, but like most of the other dogs, took some time to sniff each other's privates and say hello to each other as the other 7 dogs had a play date at the starting gate. Somehow through all the noise, Equity heard me frantically calling her and took off to finish second in her heat. Lucky for us the top two dogs from each heat made it to the final race of 8 wiener dogs. The anticipation was excruciating...

In the final race, Equity was placed next to Pumpkin. Once again, Pumkin shot out of the starting gates like the thoroughbred that she was. However, Equity seeing her take off thought there must be some treat or game going on took off after Pumpkin. It was never really close, but Equity finished a solid second in the Wiener Nationals. Hot dog! :)


Q: How would you identify an outgoing accountant?
A: The accountant looks at your shoes instead of their own when talking to you.


If you want to make a CPA laugh tomorrow, tell them a joke today.


The client was interviewing a tax attorney and a CPA for help with his taxes. The client asks the attorney, "What is 2 + 2?". The attorney responds, "That's easy. It's 4." The client asks the CPA the same question, the CPA responds, "What do you want it to be?".


Budget can be defined as -
- a plan for going broke methodically
- a detailed record of how you should have made money
- an optimistic financial plan (how many budgets show losses?)


Secret to an accountant's success: debits on the left, credits on the right...


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